Order Fulfillment

INDIC offers a variety of fulfilment services including just-in-time deliveries, hubbing, and direct shipments. INDIC has experience and competency in most traditional forms of product fulfilment, and can offer a solution that is optimally suited for any engagement.


Allows customer to adjust demand with the assurance that schedule changes will be communicated efficiently and effectively. The result is increased flexibility with minimum liability

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http://rolemasterblog.com/2014/11/12 This allows us to maintain finish goods close to the customers for immediate access and minimized Inventory

http://theloopywhisk.com/page/17/ Deliver totally assembled products directly to the end customer, including the customers labels, manuals, packaging, and any other unique requirements.

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The following essential requirements are typically identified early during a project:

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  • Product shipments to end-customer
  • Process Control
  • Product Data Management
  • Key Operational Metrics
  • Key Distribution Metrics
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