Strong Supplier Base

With our supply-chain expertise and vertical market experience, we help you evaluate, select and implement solutions that add business value and agility

INDIC purchases from many suppliers worldwide. Our strong relationships with them allow us to call upon their specialized market expertise. This allows us to work better with our preferred supply base to bring the best total value to our customers.

Make or Buy Decisions

  • Strategic value versus criticality of product to end offering
  • Supply chain set up / NPI and supplier selection
  • Technology roadmap


Forge Partnerships with Suppliers

  • Articulate intentions and goals
  • Develop partnership structure
  • Measure quality and performance
  • Drive improvements

Capacity Management

  • Determine which plants and suppliers are best located to meet customer demands
  • What is level of service/capacity required


Manufacturing Management

  • The management of production using new concepts, processes and technologies
  • Optimize balance between customer satisfaction and efficiency



  • Efficiencies of supply chain
  • Opportunities in cost reduction / lead-time reduction / flexibility / VMI
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