Success Factors

We help you create or refine strategic and tactical plans for purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and other areas of your business

Success Factors

  • Supply Chain Strategy



  • Develop the supply chain architecture Establish the supply chain (plan/buy/make/move) Manage change, risk & responsiveness Assurance of supply in upturns Minimized downturn exposure Cycle time reduction/flexibility New Product Introduction (NPI) & time to market (TTM)
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Competitive cost base & add/improve value Lower inventories (VMI,hubbing)
  • Collaborative Strategic Sourcing 
  • Product quality (DPM, RCCA, BPR, FMEA, DFX) Global relationship mgmt./matrix mgmt./leverage Supplier consolidation & development Best practice/most competitively advantaged & use supplier expertise Technological access, advancements and R&D
  • Alignment & Integration



  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) Speed of information flow Scorecard & key measurements Business reviews (INDIC customer and supplier) Integrated supply chain partnership (B2B, EDI)
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