Test Strategy

A well designed product deserves a well planned test strategy to ensure successful manufacturing and delivery. INDIC applies expertise from a wide range of test solutions to put the correct test strategy in place for your product.

Product reliability and end-customer satisfaction are key factors to implement the best test strategy. Other factors are listed below.

Test Strategy Factors

  • Product Technology
  • Product Criticality
  • ​Visual Accessibility
  • Electrical Characteristics
  • Electrical Accessibility
  • End Application
  • Reliability Targets
  • Annual Volume and Line Rate
  • Product Life
  • Process Stipulations
  • Applicable Standards
  • Fault Spectrum Analysis
  • Historical Data

Test Solution Examples

  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Boundary Scan
  • Functional Test
  • Calibration
  • End Item Acceptance Test
  • HASS
  • Environmental Stress Screen
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